Starting a business is a personal choice, well, it should be. Starting a business is great. Starting a business, as great as it is, requires commitment, consistency and the ability to construct strategies and plans that make sense. And one BIG thing that every entrepreneur must possess, the mindset to push themselves.

Take a look at your business. What you see staring back at you is a direct reflection of the work that you put into your business. Don't like what you see? Know that you want better? Well, you gotta do better. Plain and simple. It's not enough to shout to anyone and everyone about how passionate you are and how much you love what you do, your passion and love has to show in the results. Sadly, many entrepreneurs run out of steam for the work, the focus, the dedication, the planning and definitely the investing! 

If you are saying you're a business owner, then the next thought is that you want to have a successful business. Which leads to the next question, "What are you waiting for; what are you going to do to get your business to the levels of success you desire?" 

If staring back at you is a zero that is stuck and banking on broke, one thing is for sure, YOU ARE NOT PUSHING YOURSELF! And if you are waiting for everyone around you to like you enough to push you to your success and rewards, it's not going to happen. 


You want to see better business results? You can't do today what you know didn't work yesterday! 

You want to see better business results? You have to stop being your biggest distraction and your biggest obstacle! 

You want to see better business results? You must be willing to work yourself out of your comfort zone! 

You want to see better business results . . . 

Here's 5 Ways That YOU Can PUSH YOU: 


1. Believe in yourself. You have to believe in what you want and you must believe that you can achieve what you want. 

2. Get out from behind the fear that you find comforting. You cannot allow fear to keep you stuck and tucked away safe in a place where you do nothing.  

3. Be prepared for the challenge. Lots of challenges will come your way, but you are going to have to be the push behind you stepping up and taking on the challenge.  

4. Connect to new people. You have to be willing to be open to surrounding yourself with those who are unfamiliar to you but have information that can help you get better and do better. Keeping yourself in familiar places around familiar faces may be the reason why you are not pushing yourself to do more work in your business.

5. Stop waiting for others to push you. You have to be the one to step up to the plate and push yourself to the work required so that can get the things you want.