Being everything to everyone is not what makes a business successful. You have to know exactly who you're talking to in order to share focused marketing content that connects you to potential buyers and ree-buyers. 

So, who are you talking to? As much as you may want to believe it, you cannot just tell anyone who will listen about what you are offering. The key is telling those who are actually needing to hear your message; not only needing to hear your message, but are waiting to hear your message. 

Marketing must be targeted, moreso today than any other time in the history of doing business. There are so many business owners showing up in the eyes of those who need to hear YOUR (they are called your competitors) message, thanks to social media and the internet. Business owners must ensure that they are speaking to an audience that will be all ears for what they have to say and share, not only about the  products and services they offer, but also wanting to hear all about the business and the brand. 
Business owners do not have the luxury of doing business with those they WANT to do business with. Every business owner must identify their target audience

Your target audience...those potential buyers who most need what you have to offer. When you fail to identify your target audience, you fly by the seat of your pants, telling anyone who will listen about what you offer and hoping in the end, they buy. A business owner who does not identify a target audience is like playing darts in the dark and hoping that something hit the target when the lights are turned back on!! 

Okay, so you've identified your target audience. Now, you have to narrow that audience down into a more manageable segment. When you identify your target audience, who most need what you offer, that target audience will have to be narrowed and more focused because a market of who most need what you have is a broad market to serve. 

For example: If you are a Life Coach and you've identified women who need help sorting our their life's path as your target audience, that is a broad market. Why? Because all women who may need what you offer may not be in a position to buy what you offer or may not want to buy from you. So, we narrow our market down by creating an ideal client profileYour ideal customer profile will help you focus on a narrowed segment of the market. Your ideal client profile is going to be the guide that will help you create sound and strategic marketing messages and material that will speak directly to the mindset, heart and needs of those you have identified as your potential buyers. 

How do you create an ideal client profile? We use demographics. 

What are demographics? "Commonly-used demographics include race, age, income, disabilities, mobility (in terms of travel time to work or number of vehicles available), educational attainment, home ownership, employment status, and even location. Distributions of values within a demographic variable, and across households, are both of interest, as well as trends over time. Demographics are frequently used in economic and marketing research". (Wikipedia)

Ask yourself, "Who most needs what I'm offering?" That's your target audience. 

Because the target audience is a broad audience, we then create ideal client profiles as a way of carving out a more manageable segment of our audience to focus on doing business with. 

Good luck!


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