The Path To Business Expertise

When asked, "Are you a business owner?, without hesitation, any woman business owner would answer that question with a resounding, "YES! Yes I am!" 

On the flip side...

When asked, "Are you an expert?", for many women entrepreneurs, the response comes wrapped in hesitation, the stammering of words and a complete utter loss of words. For some women, they are afraid to say, outloud, that they are an expert because they do not want to be accused (by other women) of being "braggadocious"; those feelings can make a woman entrepreneur feel a bit uncomfortable in saying, "Yes, I am an expert." 

Being an expert should come with no confusion and speaking that should come with absolutely no stammering and no hesitation! The delta; the key is, you have to do the work that is required to become that expert. 

When you become a master at your craft and are knowledge rich about what you do and the industry in which you do it, when asked, "Are you an expert?", the answer given comes with absolutely no hesitation and the answer is a resounding, "Yes, yes I am!" 

Expertise is never given to anyone and no one starts out as an expert in their field. You become an expert by staying focused, being dedicated and doing the work required, year after year. Being a business owner is no different than being in college in a have to study your craft and be up on all of the latest changes to the market. 

This is why it is so important that when you start a business, you should do something that you truly love and are passionate about. Hopping into business just to "make some money" requires no passion and most times, when this is the reason for starting a business, the business rarely is a success.