It's time to stop being afraid and just give fear a seat at the table!

Is it time to surrender your overthinking? 

Is it time to start investing in yourself and your success? 

Are you one of the many women entrepreneurs at your wits end with being stuck in the tangled web of the DIY..."I can DO IT ON MY OWN!"

Are you just plain video Livestream nugget and "Google It" wasted? 


The 3-Day Business Building Reetreat is all about YOU

We are not wasting your time or dime with unnecessary glitz and glam. There will be no celebrity speakers on the agenda just to fill seats. 

The main goal of the 3-Day Business Building Reetreat is to put women (and men) entrepreneurs in the room that are focused, dedicated and truly desiring to learn how to build a solid and strong business that not only generates revenue and profit, but a business that will afford them the opportunity to 
serve people well. 

ALL BUSINESS...Lots of fun!
NO unnecessary glitz and glam!

______________________________________________ 3 Day ______________________________________________

Location and Full Agenda To Be Announced

_______________________________________________ 2 Day _______________________________________________

We've added Evening Salons! 
Evening Salons are being offered to attendees ONLY, giving attendees an opportunity to showcase their products and services. 

Evening Salons are open to 3-Day attendees as well as the general public. 
(No products are allowed that infringe upon the trademarks of other businesses. No counterfeit products are allowed.)

_______________________________________________ 2 Day _______________________________________________


Welcome Packets will be sent out to all registered attendees.



Paying In Full-No Salon
One time payment in full. No other monies will be due. Your registration is secure. 

Pay In Full - 
Add A Salon
One time payment in full. No other monies will be due. Your registration is secure. 

Payment Plan

Payment Plans are five payments of $99.50. The 3-Day Business Building Reetreat payment plan requires that all payments are made on the same day each month. If any payment is missed, the payment plan will be cancelled and no monies will be refunded. All money paid prior to payment plan cancellation can be transferred to another individual wishing to attend the event. 

Evening Salons
Evening Salons must be paid in full, separate from registrations and payment plans. Evening Salons are available on a first come; first to purchase basis. No Evening Salon spots will be held based on promises to pay. There are no refunds for Evening Salons, however, if you purchase an Evening Salon and decide not to host, you may transfer to another attendee.