Pricing! Pricing is the single most uncomfortable area of business for many women entrepreneurs. Many women entrepreneurs feel that if they stand up with their value, they will be perceived in a negative way by many of their female entrepreneur counterparts, buyers and potential buyers. 

Fear is the driving force behind the pricing scare! Women entrepreneurs fear that they not be liked, will not be able to form or build any business relationships and the biggest one, fear that no one will pay your stated value. 

Forget about all of that, none of that is remotely close to what is real or true. 

YOU must be confident. Exhibiting that you are afraid or unsure about stating your prices is a clear sign that you do not believe in your business, your products and services and certainly not the value you place on them. YOU must be your biggest believer; your biggest cheerleader in the value that you bring to the industry through your products and service. If you have done your research and you know that your pricing structure is competitive within the industry standards, you must be firm when quoting your prices to clients. 

Make sure you are dealing with your ideal client. Sure, low and reduced pricing brings buyers, but the cost is always to their gain and very few times does the business owner win. Cheap clients will be your biggest headache. They want everything for cheap but act as if they are paying full price. Once you give away your products and services for the lower prices just to please cheap clients, you are going to be saddled with cheap clients, only wanting everything for little of nothing. Cheap travels fast. 

Do not be afraid when (potential) clients leave. Go ahead, raise your prices. When you are sure of your value, you must respect your business enough to stand by the value and give that value to the world. Those who do not want to pay what your are worth, don't worry about them, let them happy that they are leaving. When they leave, many of your headaches will be leaving right along with them. Set your prices and state your prices. Be sure when you speak of the value that is in what you offer through your products and services. Do not mince words and do not allow a pregnant pause to step in the way when you are asked about your prices.

Many women entrepreneurs are not raising prices or charging what they are worth and they are grappling with an internal frustration or upset -- upset at themselves because they are allowing fear to keep them in bondage and in that bondage, their business is losing money.

Go ahead. Raise your prices. Step out from behind that fear. It's okay to implement gradual increases. If you feel the need to, share information with your already buyers regarding why you are raising your prices. 

Yes, there will be some already buyers who will never buy again and some potential buyers who will never buy, but you can't focus on them. Focus on those who get your brand. Focus on those who see your value. Focus on the fact that you are representing your worth...unapologetically! 

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