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Making a decision to become a business owner is one of the greatest gifts an entrepreneurial minded woman can give to herself! Another great gift women entrepreneurs can gift to themselves is small business coaching. While many entrepreneurs question why they should add small business coaching to their business building journeys, small business coaching is a must-have. 

When entrepreneurs are too close to their businesses, that closeness can hamper their ability to clearly see the problems areas in their business. That's where a business coach comes in! 

As a seasoned and skilled business coach, I bring to the entrepreneurs an objective and clear point of view, insight and years of knowledge. As an out of the box thinker with years of experience, I know the key questions to ask that will help me obtain the information needed to assess a business, identifying the stressed and struggling areas that pose the biggest threats to the business owner being able to move their business forward. 

In addition, a business coach is a team member, mentor, accountability partner and someone who will challenge you to stay focused and on task. With so many aspects to business building, there is no time to guess at what needs to be done and certainly no time to take chances that are unnecessary risks that present threats to your business. 

What coaching with CoachRee can do for your business: 

Best Self: Entrepreneurs must be ready. It is important to ensure that the entrepreneurs I coach are ready to be focused, dedicated and consistent in their business building journey. 

Business Clarity: I help entrepreneurs create sound businesses from the ground up, leaving no stone unturned. The entrepreneurs I coach will understand all of the pieces of the puzzle that is their business and will learn how to recognize where each piece fits in their journey to success. 

Structure: I teach entrepreneurs how to setup systems that help them smoothly manage day to day tasks in order to keep the entrepreneur from becoming overwhelmed with day to day tasks.  

Focus: Entrepreneurs are creative and creative minds think and move fast. I show entrepreneurs key strategies that keeps them on tasks for the right now in their business, keeping them from losing focus due to trying to work on and watch too many business activities at once. 

Goal Setting: My proven system of setting and vetting goals helps entrepreneurs set realistic goals that makes sense to where they are in business, helping them progress smoothly to the next levels. 

I don't push; I challenge: Entrepreneurs must be self motivated and self pushers. As a business coach, my job is to challenge entrepreneurs to be their best and to give their best to themselves, their business and their audience. I challenge entrepreneurs to think critically and strategically about their businesses, goals, strategies and plans.  

Profitability: With strategic planning and critical thinking sessions, I teach entrepreneurs how to recognize areas in their business where additional streams of income can be created and added to their available offerings, helping them generate more revenue. 

Pricing:  I help entrepreneurs understand their market, their competitors as well as the needs of their audience, setting up a pricing structure that will help them achieve their revenue and profit goals.  

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