The name of the game, GET NOTICED!...get your information in front of your audience. 

The great majority of (people and) business owners are all doing the same thing, migrating to and mingling on social media sites. To say the least, the pool is crowded and many entrepreneurs are drowning. 

Getting noticed--getting your information in front of your audience requires creativity and the start of that creative process can be on the road less taken...creating an enewsletter. 

Enewsletters are great because for a short time, your audience is captured by your business information only. There's no pop ups and no activity notifications, just your business, your brand and your content, right in their hands--right in their face. 

With your enewsletter, you're not only sharing content in hopes of getting more buyers, you're also sharing your knowledge. When your audience see's you as knowledgeable, that leads to them seeing you as credible. 

Creating a great enewletter is only have of the equation. After you create it, you have to deliver it and it has to be read. Aside form the obvious, "do not make your enewsletter just another stuffy load of information", do not be afraid to show the human side of your business and your brand. 

Here are five additional tips that may help you create a valuable enewsletter that gets read: 

Speak to your audience with your voice. Do not be afraid to share what you know your audience needs to hear. There's no need to copy form anyone else. It's your business. Be yourself. 

Do not overwhelm your audience. Just make the point and state the supporting facts, that's it. 

It's not about you. Give your audience exactly what is relevant to your audience, not what is important to you. Focus on and speak directly to your audience's needs, problems and issues.

Give value. Your enewsletter is your time to have the captured attention of your audience so you have to make sure your enewsletter is loaded with value. You can share business info, upcoming product/service launch, event info and you can also highlight special buying incentives. 

Add graphics. People are inundated with words, so give your audience something to look at and something to remember. Often times we forget what we've read, but we rarely forget what we see. The more your graphics and video are seen, the easier it will be for your audience to relate to your business. ***Do not over do it! 

Do not overthink your enewsletter and do not get bogged down with trying to be perfect. It's your business and you are the perfect person to share information about your business. 

Remember the R's: 

Give your audience what is relevant to them. 

Give your audience information that is relatable

Give your audience information that is reliable

Give your audience information that is realistic