Multiple streams of income can position you better turn buyers into ree-buyers by having multiple marketable solutions to fill additional needs. 

It's time to pull your business out of the ditch! Time to stop being a one trick pony business! 

Relying on one buying option to build your business and satisfy all of the needs of your audience, more than likely will not work for entrepreneurs. Creating multiple streams of income is crucial to your business development and growth. The trouble is many entrepreneurs do not understand what it means to create multiple streams of income. There are some entrepreneurs who, instead of creating an additional stream, they start an additional business. Selling bats, babydolls, boomerangs, biscuits and bike tires are not streams of income, they are all different businesses.

Streams compliment your core business and flow naturally from your core business. 

Steams are generally created for the same target audience and ideal clients. 

Streams correlate. Streams make sense to one another. 

In this online workshop, you are going to: 

     -Learn how to engage your audience and ideal clients to discover their needs. 

     -Learn how to identify areas in your business where streams can be developed

     -Learn how to develop additional streams from your already existing streams of income

     -Learn to create new streams

     -Learn the value in creating streams but launching them when the time is right

     -Learn how to build a launch platform for your streams

Thursday, June 15, 2017; 7:30 p.m. EST
Live Video to Video Via Zoom
$39.00 per participant
Workbook Included