Without a shadow of a doubt, the one thing that separates successful small business owners from those who are not successful is CONSISTENCY. If you lack consistency in your business, you are headed for disaster.

Have you ever heard of someone using a business that may not be as fancy as the next business, but they use them anyway because they know that they are going to get consistency -- they know they'll be open -- they know someone will answer the phone -- they know their email will be returned and most important, they know that they will get exactly what they are paying for. May not come in a fancy bag. May not come with extra and new samples. But they know their needs will be met.

Let me share an example of inconsistency that I personally experienced. I love soul food. There's a lot of ways to mess soul food up, but if you do it right, you have me as a loyal customer. I found this soul food restaurant and the food in the beginning was terrific. Cooked just right, portions were great and customer service was friendly. Their restaurant became my habit. About 4 months in, I noticed that the quality of the food items had changed. When we brought this to the attention of the owner, they blamed the vendors. No problem, sounded legit to me, so, we let that slide. The very next time we went back, we experience the same issue with the food. In my opinion, there was no need to waste my time speaking to the owner again. I was sure that the issue with the food was not the fault of the vendor, but was in fact the choices the owners were making.

They lacked consistency in the quality of their food. Did they have a reason for changing the quality of their food? Yes, however, their reasoning was detrimental to their business. Business was slow. When business is slow, so is money. Unfortunately, like so many business owners, the owners of the restaurant made the mistake of lowering the quality of their products, in other words, purchasing cheaper quality items and passing the lesser quality onto their customers for the same price. Needless to say, I stopped going to that restaurant and ultimately, they closed their doors for good.

Consistency to your business is like water to a fish!

When a customer buys from you and they receive a quality experience all around, they come back to you, not just for the product or the service that your offer, but they are also coming back for the feeling that their buying experience afforded them the first time they purchased from you. Customers come back for the feeling that their buying experience leaves them with. 

Happy Buyers = Informed Referrals
A customer who buys from you, leaving with an outstanding experience leaves happy; so happy, that they can't wait to tell someone close to them. You've heard the saying, "Word of mouth is the best marketing tool" or "Word of mouth -- good or bad -- travels fast". Well, it's the truth. If a buyer feels good about their experience, they not only come back, but they'll bring others with them. By the same token, if a buyer has a bad experience, they'll never come back and when they hear of anyone else wanting to do business with you, they'll do everything to keep them from buying from you. 
 Always keep in mind, if you are going to be in business, selling products and services, your products and services must always be quality. You don't have to go over and beyond, but you must give your buyers exactly what you say they will receive for the money they spend in your business. 

Your business becomes successful when your buyers are satisfied. Inconsistent quality, products and customer service can leave you with buyers but not many re-buyers. 
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