Thursday, April 6, 2017  --  8:00 p.m. EST
(Approximately 2 Hours)
Yes ladies, "comb out the tangles"! 
If it's all tangled up, you can't do anything with it except 
pull it back -- put it up -- or cut it off! 

In this workshop, you'll learn what is best for you! 

Becoming a business owner -- your own boss can be a #ReeMarkable experience! But let's put all truths out on the table...if you have mental, emotional and even physical tangles in your way, those tangles can hamper your ability to be dedicated, focused and self-motivated and when you're starting your own business, you need all of that and more so that you are working to position yourself to not only start a business, but to develop your business into a successful business enterprise

What you'll learn to do: . 

Come out the tangles that PAST TRAUMA AND PAIN HAS LEFT YOU WITH

Comb out the tangles of WHAT THEY SAID!


Comb out the tangles of FEAR and CONFUSION

Comb out the tangles of DISTRACTION!

Comb out the tangles of PROCRASTINATION

Comb out the tangles of BEING JUST PLAIN LAZY!
If you are having trouble starting, developing and growing your business because you are stuck in tangles, this is the workshop for you. 

This will be a live video - 2 hour workshop. This workshop is specifically designed to give you the strategies to help you move the tangles -- the obstacles -- out of your way so that you can take control of your destiny and get on with business. 

Workshop material and access information will be emailed to all paid workshop participants. 
Personal Investment Per Participant: $39.00
First Time Participation Fee

Combing the Tangles Outta Me and My Business -- Take 2
Participation Fee: $10.00
ONLY for individuals who have participated in the workshop previously