Women entrepreneurs are not just ReeMarkable, we're busy too! We are wives, moms, employees, community activists, volunteers, students and business owners. With business schedules and being pulled in so many different directions, sometimes what we need has to take a number and get in line behind what we have to do

Busy or not, as entrepreneurs, we have the same needs. We need time, focus, dedication and EDUCATION

That includes business coaching. In real life, where we need to be does not always afford us the opportunity to leave our homes or be online for a specific or specified period of time to attend or participate in business building forums or workshops. However, that doesn't mean that the need for business coaching goes away. 

Well, I've come up with what I believe is not only a ReeMarkable solution, but a fun and exciting solution as well. 

How Does This Work?

May Box Theme: 
Revenue Goals, Products & Pricing

March Box Theme: 
Goals & Marketing
April Box Theme: 
Business Clarity