2-Day Business Building Retreat
Frequently Asked Questions
Where will the 2-Day Business Building Retreat be held? 
     The 2-Day will be held in Savannah, GA at the DoubleTree Savannah Airport Hotel. 

Will there be free WIFI available during the 2-Day Business Building Retreat? 
     Yes, all attendees will have access to WIFI. 

I want to attend but do not have the money to pay right now, can you hold a spot for me?
     Unfortunately, we do not hold spaces based on promises to pay. All interested in attending must        
     register and pay to attend the 2-Day Business Building Retreat. 

I live in the Savannah area, can I pay day of event, at the door? 
     No. We have specials planned for each registered attendee and in order to ensure we are not 
     ordering materials that we may or may not be able to utilize, our policy for events such as this 
     retreat is that each attendee must register in advance.  

If I register and pay, but for any reason cannot attend, will I be able to get a refund? 
     No refunds are given once registration fee has been paid. However, you can transfer or sell your 
     registration to another woman entrepreneur desiring to attend. In the case that you have to sell or    
     transfer your registration to another woman entrepreneur, please email Administrative Assistant      
     Cheyenne Nielsen at: assistanttoree@inthepinc.net. 

     We will need: An email from you stating that you are transferring or selling your registration to 
      another woman entrepreneur. In addition, please provide the name, Address, Email and 
      Phone Number of new attendee. 

When does registration end? 
     Registration varies depending on what method of payment you would like to register with
     The last day to register with the 3 Pay Plan: October 15, 2017
     The last day to register with the 6-Pay Plan: July 15, 2017 (We will replace this with a 5 Pay Plan)
     The last day to register with the 5-Pay Plan: August 15, 2017
     The last day to register with one time full payment: January 15, 2018

What happens if I miss a payment in my pay plan? 
    If a payment in the 3 or 6 pay plan is missed, your registration can be cancelled. If you miss 
     a payment and your registration is cancelled, you will not be refunded any money. However, you 
     may pay in full to secure your registration or you may transfer or sell your registration to another 
     woman entrepreneur. 

How does the 3, 6 and 5 Pay Plan work? 
     Anyone interested in attending the 2-Day Business Building Retreat can elect to use the 3 or 6 
     pay plan. After the initial payment is made, each subsequent payment must be made on the same 
     day of month as the initial payment. Reminders will be sent via email. Any payment missed greater 
     than five days may result in the cancellation of your registration and all monies paid will be 
     forfeited and no monies already paid will be refunded. 

How do I make payment plan payment? 
     You simply go back to the registration page and click on the payment plan you elected and   
      make your additional payments until paid in full. 

What's included with my registration for the 2-Day Business Building Retreat? 
     Each attendee will be granted attendance to participate in the 2-Day
     Each attendee will receive 2-Day Retreat materials
     A light breakfast will be provided to each attendee on each day of the 2-Day Retreat. 

Will I need to bring any work materials to the 2-Day Business Building Retreat? 
     Yes, you will need to bring your laptop or tablet, All other working materials will be provided to 

I will be traveling with someone, can they attend the 2-Day Business Building Retreat with me? 
     No, they cannot. There are limited seats available and are reserved for those who have registered 
     and paid. We will be providing everyone with information on "Things To Do" around Savannah and 
     the hotel in emails that will be sent out to all of the registered attendees. 

Should I rent a car? 
     Of course, renting a car will have to ultimately be a personal decision, there are alternative modes of 
     transportation such as cabs, Uber Rides and hotel courtesy shuttles. We know there's quite a bit 
     to see and do in the Savannah area. We will be compiling information on Savannah area activities   
     for all registered attendees. 

 Can I pay for my registration with check or money order? 
     Yes, you can. We do not accept personal checks, but we will accept bank cashiers 
     checks or United States Postal Money Orders. If you are registering and wanting to pay with a 
     cashier's check or postal money order, please email Administrative Assistant, Cheyenne 
     Nielsen at assistanttoree@inthepincnet so that she can process your offline registration. 

Can I bring products to sell? 
     You are more than welcome to bring products to sell, however, you will not be permitted to set up 
     or sell during the hours designated for the 2-Day Business Building Retreat. 

Will we be given the option to connect with roommates for the 2-Day Business Building Retreat? 
     While we are not going to personally make roommate arrangements, we certainly will put out the 
     call for anyone desiring or needing a roommate to connect with each other. 

I want to attend but I'm afraid to come alone?
     Being a bit afraid and fearful is understandable. Anytime you have to step out and do things you   
     have never done before, taking that step to put you in front of your fear can be a bit scary. But we 
     want you to move around your fear. While you may have to board and ride the plane alone, you     
     will not be alone when you arrive to Savannah. We are shoring up the plans to ensure each 
     participant not only has a great time, but has a great time with many of the other attendees. 

Will I be photographed or videotaped and will I have to sign a release? 
     Yes, during the 2-Day Business Building Retreat, attendees will be photographed and videotaped. 
     And no, you will not be required to sign a release form. By attending the 2-Day Business Building 
     Retreat, we reserve the right to photograph and videotape the event. We will use the material in all 
     marketing and promotions of future events. 

We are here to ensure your participation in the 2018 2-Day Business Building Retreat is a pleasant one. 

For any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to email Cheyenne Nielsen at: assistanttoree@inthepinc.net anytime before and after your registration.